About Us

Noor graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, where she pursued her studies in graphic design, which helped her tremendously in her business. Noor has always been a passionate artist. When she was just 17 years old, Noor turned her passion into a business and founded Noor Stationery. Being an entrepreneur at such a young age has much empowered Noor within society. She wishes to inspire and pass on the knowledge to young women in Qatar to help empower them too. This ambition is what encouraged Noor to become a teacher through Teach For Qatar, and serve as a reminder of what the youth is capable of achieving.

Noor Stationery is an online-based business established in 2013. By merging the art of pattern making with design skills, Noor created a wide range of locally made stationery. She started by creating personalized notebook covers with people’s names. They gained incredible popularity. She later introduced the annual calendar and stickers, which are essential to staying organized. A few Ramadans ago, Noor added the handmade “Mubkhar,” which she illustrates by her designs. Noor Stationery was honored to have been a part of so many significant events, from charity exhibitions to having our products sold in many shops around the country, and the National Museum of Qatar being the most prominent. One of the most important values at Noor Stationery is eco-friendliness. Our products and packaging are made using recycled materials. In this way, we aim to spread awareness about the importance of taking care of our planet and finding sustainable alternatives.