Charitable Exhibitions

Charitable Exhibitions
  • Dec 06, 2014
  • Noor Stationery

One of the most important values at Noor Stationery is giving back to the community, and over the years, we have been a part of various charitable causes and exhibitions. One of the most memorable and meaningful exhibitions to us was Faz3at Ahl Qatar in 2014. Many businesses and organizations from all over the country took part in this cause, and 50% of the profits were donated to Syria. We also proudly took part in another charitable exhibition organized by Qatar Charity and Insight Club to provide aid for Syrian refugees. The sight of the vast crowd eager to get ahold of our personalized notebooks was genuinely unforgettable. 

Along with Reach Out To Asia, Souq Waqif hosted a charity exhibition committed to helping the children of Gaza by building them a school for a better future. We also took part in the Layan Bazar, with 50% of proceeds going to charity. Additionally, Noor stationery took part in the 5th annual breast cancer awareness event at Georgetown University in Qatar.

We were honored to have taken part in such generous causes, as well as receiving media coverage from influential figures such as Fouz Al Fahad, Hussein Al Jassimi, Ghanim Al Muftah, and Asmaa Al Hammadi. We enjoyed being part of all of these charitable causes, especially knowing that our products are helping people beyond the scope of our targeted audience. Afterall, “Guiding others to good is equivalent to doing good."